Are You Eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC) identify and verify your past experiences, turning them into recognized qualifications. Whether your skills come from professional roles, formal education, or personal pursuits, RPL could be your pathway to accredited recognition. Furthermore, to understand how RPL aligns with national standards, visit the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Streamlining Your Professional Development

The RPL and RCC process is tailored to you, focusing on leveraging your existing knowledge and experience. The goal is to avoid unnecessary retraining by:

  • Ensuring your skills are current.
  • Matching your competencies with relevant course outcomes.
  • Providing proof through assessments, which may include tangible evidence and/or demonstrated skills.

Assessment Methods Include:

  • Interviews.
  • Operational authorisations from other sites.
  • Workplace Health and Safety tickets (High Risk Licences).
  • Employment references.
  • Supervisor reports.
  • Educational certificates and statements.
  • In-house training evaluations.
  • Manufacturer’s training sessions.
  • Challenge test results.

Why Consider RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning not only streamlines your professional development but also enhances your career prospects by formally acknowledging your expertise.

Start Your RPL Journey Today

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