Training and Safety Consulting Services in Mackay

Excellence in Training and Safety Consulting:

Our Mackay-based training and safety consulting team at Down Under Training strive to enhance workplace training and safety standards. We work closely with your teams, integrating compliant and effective practices into daily operations seamlessly.

Key Services:

Training Matrix and Training Needs Analysis: Our in-house Training Specialist will work closely with your training department to identify the legislated requirements and review your site skills matrix (TNA) to ensure compliance against these requirements and recognised standards.

  • External Training Scheme Audit: Down Under Training can undertake training scheme audits as per the requirements of recognised STD 11 Training in Coal mines.
  • LMS Integration and system maintenance.
  • Administration Training and Education, document review and analysis.
  • Site Trainer Assessor Professional Development: Ensure your trainer/assessor personnel are meeting vocational currency, current in modern training methodologies and meeting industry benchmarks.
  • Customised Training: We create training packages that enhance your staff’s understanding and skills in safety management.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): We develop SOPs that standardise safety practices across operations, ensuring consistency.
  • Practical Procedures and Instructions: We provide practical instructions and procedures to make daily tasks safer.
  • Risk Assessment Facilitation: We assess workplace hazards thoroughly. Our detailed risk assessment, utilising your company procedures, help to guide safety protocols and boost safety.
  • Safety Management Systems: Our experts develop and audit systems to ensure they are robust and fully aligned with industry standards. For more information on national safety standards, visit Safe Work Australia.
  • Support Roles: We offer comprehensive support, covering all training and safety aspects from Training Specialist, WH&S officers and site-based trainers.

Why Choose Us?

Opt for Down Under Training for unmatched safety consulting expertise in Mackay. Our approach guarantees that your business exceeds all safety compliance standards.

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